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Typed and autographed letter signed by the legendary German born, American conductor to his Salzburg stage director Luwig Hoerth, Sils-Maria, July 18th, 1931.  We offer with an 8” x 10” vintage press photograph of Walter in rehearsal.

Sils-Maria, 18th July 1931

Prof. Dr. Franz Ludwig Hoerth

My dear, dear Doctor,

Hereby I ask at last if our rendez-vous with Prof. Strnad and his model could take place on the 2nd of August in the afternoon in Salzburg. The 1st of August is full of rehearsals and I would love to have this important meeting on the quiet Sunday afternoon. Since I am so extraordinarily interested in this meeting, I also wrote to Prof. Strnad specifically for this reason, but unfortunately did not receive any answer from him. I suspect the letter is in the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts, where I sent it because of ignorance of Strnad's private address. Please have the goodness to reassure me with a word about the realization of this meeting. I wish you a good rest and remain with best regards.

Your old faithful

My address is the above until July 31st. From then on: Hallein near Sazlburgm Castle Haunsperg be Countess Thun.

The handwritten portion has not been translated but thanks Hoerth for the receipt of a letter and further mentions Salzburg.

Walter had big plans for the 1932 Salzburg Festpiele season.  He was mounting a new production, of Carl Maria von Weber’s “Oberon” which had not been performed in Vienna since 1891 and never at the Salzburg Festspiele.  The production was very important to him, so he sought the very best to help him create the very best production.  Franz Ludwig Hoerth (1883-1934) was the Director of the Berlin Staatsoper and a well known stage director in both the opera and legitimate stage world and Oskar Strnad (1879-1935) the Austrian architect, sculptor, stage and set designer were the final choices. Strnad designed sets foe the Vienna Staatsoper including the first “Wozzek” and “Jonny Spielt Auf” performances there.  He also designed film sets for the Austrian film industry.  

This letter was written to bring Hoerth to a meeting in Saklzburg several weeks later to review Strnad’s set designs for the productions.  The starry “Oberon” cast included Lotte Schöne, Maria Cebotari, Maria Müller, Helge Roswaenge and Karl Hammes among others. 

Perhaps Walter best sums up his feelings for the works of Weber in his own words in his book, Of Music and Music Making, My first encounter with this problem dates from early youth and has been a lasting influence on my entire career; as a conservatoire student I had studied the Oberon overture, and the seeping violin figures had incited my enthusiasm for the fiery, chivalrous nature of Weber.

He conducted the opera in Berlin, Munich, Salzburg and Vienna.  There is a film of Walter conducting a performance of the overture to the opera and it is well worth viewing on Youtube.

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