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The legendary conductor writes a note in legendary photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt’s album after a Life Magazine photo shoot, Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 25, 1945.  On the verso, British politician and at the time Ambassador to the United States, Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax pens a sentiment to Eisenstaedt and is also signed by his wife, British Embassy, Washington, D.C. February 8, 1945.  We offer with a vintage 7” x 9” portrait of the conductor suitable for display.

The Greek conductor writes: To Mr. Alfred Eisenstaedt full of admiration for his artistry!  It was a pleasure to be tortured by taking for endless hours pictures of me!  God bless you…..

Eisenstaedt (1898-1995) was in Minneapolis to photograph the Music Director of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra for a feature article in Life Magazine, which ran on February 18, 1946.  Mitropoulos (1896-1960) began his tenure with the Orchestra in 1937 and built them into a band of international reputation.  His recordings on the Mercury Label clearly shows he built this orchestra into one of the finest in the U.S.  He remained there until 1949, when he was hired as the Music Director of the New York Philharmonic.

Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax (1881-1959) is remembered as a troubled politician.  After attending Eton and Oxford, he became an MP in 1910.  He served active duty during World War I and at various times was President of the Board of Education and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries until he was appointed Viceroy of India in 1926.  In 1935 he was made Lord Privy Seal, War Secretary and Leader of the House of Lords. Then in 1937 Lord President of the Council.  He was foreign Secretary first under Prime Minster Neville Chamberlain in 1938 and later under Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  He built a reputation as an appeaser and supported Chamberlain’s outreach to Hitler and he made an outreach to the government of Benito Mussolini.  Churchill rehired Anthony Eden to replace him in 1940.  He then became Leader of the House of Lords.  He also was appointed Ambassador to the United States in 1940, where he remained until 1946.  From 1933-1959 he was Chancellor of the University at Oxford his alma mater and from 1947-1959 he was also Chancellor of the University of Sheffield.

Alfred Eisenstaedt was a premier press photographer, known of his clever eye and artistic photographs.  He worked for Associated Press in Germany until due to his Jewish religion he left for the United States in 1935.  From 1936-1972 he was a staff photographer for Time-Life, with photographs in 2500 stories and 90 front covers of Life Magazine.  One of our most celebrated photographers, his work is legendary in the field.

A fabulous piece which transcends music, war time politics and photography!



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