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Autographed and inscribed photograph of the German concert pianist by Constantin Luck of Düsseldorf, October 5, 1899.


Haasters (1866-19??) was born in Cologne to a merchant class family.  She studied with two Cologne Hochschule für Musik professors Nikolai Hompesch and Eduard Mertke privately.  At twelve she was brought to the Hochschule to study with Ferdinand Hiller and James Kwast.  When Kwast left Cologne in 1883, Haasters followed him to the Frankfurt Conservatory.  In 1884 she was awarded the Mendelssohn Prize given out by the Prussian State government.  She graduated from the Frankfurt Hochschule in 1885.  She immediately went to Meiningen to study with Hans von Bülow.  Bülow accepted her with open arms.  I writing to his daughter Daniela on December 23, 1888, he referred to her as his “Van Eyck Madonna”.  According to the Sophie Drinker Institute biography, she was quoted speaking about Bülow in glowing terms, Staggering with happiness and joy, I found myself as an exceptionally accepted student of the master…… In turn, he said about her to Daniela in a letter, December 11, 1889, Fräulein Haasters achieved a most gratifying success in Berlin the day before yesterday with Duseke’s pianoforte concerto, a work of almost insurmountable difficultyYou women can, when you like, be far better reproductionists than any of us of the so called strong sex.  For many years up and until his death in 1894, she was an oft soloist at his produced solo concerts and under his baton.  Richard Strauss first heard her in Meiningen in September of 1885 under the baton of Bülow playing Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto and wrote enthusiastically to his father Franz about the concert!  While Bülow was alive, she would travel with him to wherever he was playing, Berlin, Hamburg and other cities as his soloist.


Haasters divided her career as a soloist, accompanist to singers and musicians and also with chamber ensembles.  Ferdiand Hiller’s son who was the music critic in Cologne at the “Rheinische Zeitung” wrote consistently favorable reviews of her performances and described her as “brilliant” and favorably to Teresa Carreño and Sophie Menter.  She toured throughout Germany, keeping Cologne as her base and frequent performing venue.  She was also heard often in Düsseldorf.  In 1899 the year of this cabinet card, the pianist married the painter August Zinkeisen. She also undertook a short tour of Germany with engagements in Kiel, Berlin and Magdeburg.  The Berlin leg included a concert with the Berlin Philharmonic. (She had last performed with them in 1896.)  After the tour she largely confined her concerts to Cologne and Düsseldorf.  During the 1905-1906 and the 1909-1910 music seasons she ran her own subscription series of concerts.  During those concerts she played both as a soloist and with both the Halir and Bohemian String Quartets.  Sfter the death of her husband in 1912, she curtailed her public performances.


Her repertoire was steeped in the romantics, Beethoven to Raff, with a heavy dose of Liszt and she also apparently played Chopin’s “La Ci Darem La Mano” variations with some regularity.  She was known for her “manly” performances and “brilliant technique”.  She was also known for her soft pedaling. 


She certainly lived in a time where she could have been recorded, but apparently she never did.


A rare pianist autograph!  


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