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Autographed 5” x 7” double-weight original photograph of the concert pianist and leading Czech piano pedagogue of his day, Prague January 29, 1932.  He pens a long dedication and signs again on the verso to his pupil, the Slovakian pianist and pedagogue Rudolf Macudzinski (1907-1986) and his wife Silvia.

Kurz (1872-1945) received private lessons as a child and when the family moved to Prague, he was placed in the Höger Piano Institute. At thirteen he moved on to study with Jakub Holfeld, a well respected Prague teacher with his own piano academy.  He went on to study musical aesthetics with composer František Skuherský at the famed Prague Organ School whilst taking private piano lessons with Dvorak’s friend Karel Knittl, who served as Dvorak’s deputy when he was Regent of the Prague Conservatory.  He launched his recital and concert career in 1891, winning the Rubinstein Prize in Berlin in 1895.  He was also the pianist in the Czech Trio, which he formed with violinist Bohuslav Lhotský and cellist Bedřich Váška. 

In 1898, his touring life changed, as he was appointed Professor of Piano at the Lviv Conservatory in the Ukraine.  While he dedicated himself to teaching, he did take the time to make a concert tour of Poland.  His evolved teaching methods which were based upon Theodor Leschetiszky’s methods (He knew him, but did not study with him.) brought him students from throughout Russia and the Ukraine.  His daughter Ilona, who was to become one of the finest pianists of her time was born in Lviv in 1899.  In 1914, with the outbreak of World War I, the entire Lviv Conservatory was move to Vienna.  They returned to Lviv in 1916, but in 1918 the Ukrainian Revolution began and while it did not effect the Conservatory at first, Kurz’s home was destroyed by artillery in 1919 and he packed the family up and moved to Vienna.  He was then appointed Senior Professor of the Piano Master School in Prague with an assignment to the Brno Conservatory which at that time was run by Leos Janacek, the family moved there.  His daughter who by this time had trained with him now helped with his teaching program.  She gave birth to her son, Pavel Stepan in 1925, who was the next generation of Kurz pianists and one of the finest of his generation.  In October, 1928 the family moved to Prague where he was the Senior Professor of the Master School there.  He held the position for the rest of his life.

Kurz’s pupils read like a whose who of Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian pianists, conductors and composers, a few include;  Helena Bilińska, Zádor Dezső, Rudolf Firkušný, Arnostka Grunfeldova, Bohdan Gsellhofer, Ilja Hurník, Zdeněk Jílek, Gidon Klein, Marijan Lipovsek, Rudolf Macudzinski, František Maxian, Artur Rodzinski, Roman Simovych, Pavel Štěpán, Ilona Štěpánová-Kurzová, Eduard Steuermann,  Viktorie Švihlíková, Albert Tadlewski and Vilém Vaňura.

An extraordinary scarce and important pianist autograph!