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Incredibly scarce autographed mounted small albumen photograph of the German virtuoso violinist and later one of the most important piano pedagogues in Germany.  The image is cdv sized, the mount measures 5” x 6.5”.


Plaidy (1810 - 1874) is best known today as one of the most significant piano pedagogues of the 19th Century, the first to teach in a masterclass format and the writer of a system of piano exercises that are still utilized today.  However, what most do not know is he started his professional musical life as a touring virtuoso violinist.


The pedagogue studied violin with Ludwig Haase and piano with Albrecht Agthe privately in Dresden.  His first interest was to perform as a concert violinist and he made his debut in the Dresden Concerts. He then undertook a European tour on that instrument.  He moved to Leipzig in 1831 where he became more interested in the piano and began to teach privately and performed as a violinist with the Leipzig Gewandhaus as both a member of the orchestra and as a soloist.  Mendelssohn took notice of him as early as 1835 when he took over the reigns as the Gewandhauskapellmeister.  Some of Plaidy’s private piano students auditioned over time with Mendelssohn and he was enamored with their preparation and when he opened the Leipzig Conservatory in 1843, he convinced Plaidy to join the inaugural faculty where he remained until his retirement in 1865. Plaidy taught both privately and in an innovative masterclass format and was extremely popular with the students who filled in particular his masterclasses.  Franz Liszt who sometimes gets credit for this format, modeled his own Weimar masterclass format on Plaidys.  Liszt learned about the format from one of his first pupils in Germany, Hans von Bülow, a pupil of Plaidy long before Liszt. Bülow attributed his drive to become a pianist, as well as his early technical abilities to Plaidy, who became famed for his ability to bring out a serious, but strong technique and many pupils even today use his technique manuals, which many including Rosina Lhevinne thought superior to Hanon and insured her pupils utilized them.  Another pupil, composer Sir Arthur Sullivan said, This popularity arose from his remarkable gift (for it was a gift) of imparting technical power.  Were a pupil ever so deficient in execution, under Plaidy’s care his faults would disappear, his fingers grew strong, his touch became smooth, singing and equal and slovenliness be replaced by neatness.


While Plaidy was not a performer as such on the piano, his skill as a pedagogue made him one of the most desirable piano instructors internationally and a reason to enroll at the Leipzig Conservatory.  Some of his pupils out side of Bülow and Sullivan included, Frederic Hymen Cowen, Felix Draeske, Gustave Gagnon, Otto Goldschmidt, Edvard Grieg, Michael Maybrick, James Parker, William Smith Rockstro, Julius Röntgen, Ernst Rudorff and Samuel Sanford.


One of the scarcest piano autographs, period.   



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