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Matted autographed musical quotation by the great Czech violinist and a founder and the leader of the Bohemian String Quartet, Prague June 27, 1924.  The quotation is the opening two bars of the violin portion of the Dvorak String Quartet #10, op. 51.  The quote was matted with a postcard with an illustration of the violinist in action.

We note, Hoffmann has marked the tempo allegro moderato, when in fact the score is marked allegro non troppo.

Hoffmann (1872-1936) was one of the legendary figures in the fiddle world in Prague during the late 19th and early 20th Century.  He was one of Antonin Bennewitz’s pupils which included classmates Josef Suk, Otto Berger.  The three would go on to form the legendary Bohemian Quartet with cellist classmate Oskar Nedbal.  Hoffmann was the first desk violinist of the ensemble and the longest serving member of the Quartet.  When he became too ill to play, the quartet disbanded in 1934.  The Quartet and Hoffmann in particular were great friends with Antonin Dvorak and premiered six of his chamber ensemble pieces.  They also at one time or another played the entire oeuvre of his string quartets and recorded a number of them.

Hoffmann was also a concert violinist and at times would insure he made ample time for recitals and performances with orchestra.  He gave the Prague Premiere of the Brahms Double Concerto, he toured with the Czech Philharmonic to Vienna and gave a performance of the Dvorak Violin Concerto and even concertized with Grieg in Vienna.  His long time friend Josef Suk dedicated several solo violin pieces to Hoffmann.  Hoffmann also worked with modern composers, both Czech and important Europeans in their violin works including Hindemith, Honegger and Ravel.

This piece could be framed as is, or re-matted to the collector’s taste, but it would make a handsome  display.