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Autographed contract rider between the great jazz pianist and Ohio jazz producer Joe Sanatagelo with , October 22, 1974.  The concert was at the Musikstage Festival in Donaueschingen, Germany on that date.  We include a vintage original 8” x 10” photograph of Tyner and the McCoy Tyner Quintet. The photograph shows Tyner at the piano, saxophonist Azar Lawrence, bassist Juny Booth and conductor William Fischer.  (Missing drummer  Antonio Guilherme de Souza Franco)  They were performing with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Photographer Ronald Overdahl has blind stamped on the verso.

Tyner contracts for a 7 foot Model B Steinway, which is on “the employer” whether he arranges for it, or not.  He also is to receive 4 adjustable microphones and 100% top billing.

Tyner (1938 - 2020) was one of the greatest post bop pianists until his death this past year.  He weas born in Philadelphia and began to play the piano at thirteen.  Showing considerable promise he studied at the West Philadelphia Music School and then at the Granoff School of Music.  He quickly became part of the jazz scene in his hometown and in 1960 he joined the Jazztet led by the indominable Benny Golson and Art Farmer.  The pianist and John Coltrane knew each other from the Philadelphia jazz scene and Tyner began playing and recording with him in 1961.  Coltrane put Tyner’s piece “The Believer” as the title track of his 1964 album of the same name. One will note that Tyner was Coltrane’s only pianist after 1960 and if he was not available, Coltrane left the piano out.  The two were eventually going to reach a loggerhead as they both played aggressively and as Coltrane’s music became more and more freeform Tyner backed off and they ended their relationship in December, 1965 a year and a half before Coltrane’s untimely death.

Tyner was encouraged as early as 1963 to branch out on his own as a leading act and he cut three albums of more mainstream fair in 1963, 1964 and 1965 culminating in a Duke Ellington album.  He was with Blue Note from 1967 –1970 and cut five albums with them and then between 1972 and 1976 he cut three albums for Milestone.  The Blue Note and Milestone albums were true post bop. It was at this time he formed the Tyner McCoy Quintet which toured across the United States and abroad.  In 1974, Tyner and his Quintet were heard at this concert at the Musikstage Festival in Donaueschingen, Germany and at the Berlin Musikstage Festival.

McCoy led a number of configurations of jazz groups throughout his career, leading to 5 Grammy awards and an NEA Jazz Master award.

Tyner passed away in 2020, he had been in ill health.

McCoy Tyner autographs are uncommon and this is an interesting contract rider for an overseas gig.

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