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Scarce early autographed 3.5” x 6” album leaf, Toronto, November 6, 1928 by the legendary pianist.  Violinist Toscha Seidl has signed the verso. 

We offer with an original 4.5” x 6.5” glossy sepia press photograph January 13, 1943 of the pianist posed mopping his brow in his morning suit and holding a cigarette at the Russian consulate.  He is speaking to the American pianist Eugene List in his sergeant’s uniform and is flanked by the Russian Consulate General in New York City, Eugene D. Kisselev, a former Russian Naval hero.  The occasion was a private performance by Horowitz for fellow musicians and critics which included the American premiere of Prokofiev’s Piano Sonata #7.  The attached copy is entitled, “Famous pianist plays new Soviet composition for American musicians.”  The photograph has not been published in any biography of Horowitz and not well known.

Horowitz (1903-1989) made his recital debut in 1920.  He gave recitals and concerts in the Ukraine until he decided with his friend Nathan Milstein to leave the Soviet Union in 1925.  Each expressed a desire to study abroad, none intended to return.  He gave his first European performance at the Beethovensaal in Berlin on December 18, 1925 playing the Tchaikovsky 1st concerto with Oskar Fried and the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.  On January 2, 1926, he gave his first solo recital in Europe at the same venue.  He gave 5 more recitals during January and February in Berlin and Hamburg.  He gave his French debut on February 26, 1926 at the Paris Conservatoire.   Horowitz, then established performed concerts and recitals in Germany, France and Italy through November 25, 1927.  He arrived in New York for a series of three concerts with Sir Thomas Beecham and the New York Philharmonic playing the Tchaikovsky 1st piano concerto on January 12, 13 and 15, 1928.  His American recital debut was at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. on January 18th.  He then toured the Country through October 10, 1928, when he returned to New York City.  He did not have much time to rest, as his manager Arthur Judson had booked him on 42 concert tour over 81 days.  He played a recital at Carnegie Hall on November 2nd to start the tour.  Judson booked him in major cities, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City again, as well as smaller towns like Winnetka, Sioux City, Utica and the one Canadian engagement in  Hamilton, Ontario near Toronto.  Not much is known about the concert other than it was on Judson’s schedule.  It is not listed in the Horowitz Concertography, though there is a big gap between November 2nd and November 19th.  The concert was certainly his Canadian debut.

Toscha Seidel (1899-1962) was one of the important pupils of Leopold Auer.  He also studied with Auer’s pupil Max Fiedemann and Joachim’s pupil Adolf Brodsky.  Motivated to study with Heifetz’s teacher after he heard the young violinist in concert, he became his classmate as well as Efrem Zimbalist’s. It was said Seidel had the sweetest tone of the Auer pupils.  He also was known to have given Albert Einstein lessons.

Note, there is a diagonal line on the page which Horowitz wrote over.

The early autograph along with this important early photograph is perfect for display!

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