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Autographed 7” x 9.75” original proxy assignation of the legendary lyricists’ vote of a Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques “act”, 1928. This was Gershwin’s personal copy as it is not notarized. We offer with a vintage press photograph of Ira and George Gershwin arriving in Los Angeles in 1936.


The translation of the document:


Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers

Headquarters: 9, 11 and 11 bis Rue Ballu, Paris (9⸰ Arr’)


I the undersigned Ira Gershwin


Declared hereby to constitute for my agent for the following purposes: Mr. S. Bianchini General Delegate of the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers, residing in Paris, n⸰ 11 again,  rue Ballu to whom I give power of attorney on my behalf:

Take note of the Statutes of the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers, Civil Society whose headquarters are in Paris, 9, 11, and 11 bis, rue Ballu, filed in the office of Madame Chavane, notary in Paris, on 28 January 1929.;


Approve the provisions of the said act, in particular those relating to the purpose of the Company, its head office, its social fund, expenses, assets to be shared, the participation of each Member of the Company in social charges at the collection of copyright. To the deductions to be made from these rights for the benefit of the social security fund, to the appointment of the Commission, to the meeting of the General Meetings of Members and of the Delegates of Deputy Members, Professional Trainees and Authors' Heirs, to the prohibitions imposed on Members of the Company to the sanctions to which they would be exposed in case of violation of the statutes; to the different categories of Members making up the Society.


Consequently, adhere purely and simply to the provisions of the said Statutes and approve them in all their content;


For the above effects make all declarations and affirmations pass all acts and verbal process, elect domicile and do the necessary.


Signed on


Ira Gershwin


This power of attorney must be stamped and the signature must be legalized.


Ira (1896-1983) and George in the company of a few friends went to Europe in March of 1928.  The three-month trip was their fifth to Europe, first since 1926 and would be George’s last. After a few weeks in England, they journeyed to Paris where they set up camp for the majority of their time.  George worked on “An American in Paris”, including buying the off-pitch taxi horns from several garages.  George at this time was accepted in Paris as a great composer and was on the celebrity circuit for the season.  Conversely, at this time, despite the release of “Rhapsody in Blue” and “Concerto in F” George was still considered a Tin Pan Alley composer in the United States.  In 1920, both brothers joined ASCAP which at that time was only six years old and was generally made up of Tin Pan Alley Composers.  The Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques conversely was founded in 1829 and ASCAP was partially based on their organization and was still important for American composers who wished their staged works to be performed in Europe despite international copyrights.  Through copious research including a discussion with the Gershwin specialist at the Library of Congress where the Gershwin archives are held, it is unknown the year the Gershwin’s joined the Société.  Likely this document was signed by Ira when he was on the Paris trip, as he would not be at the meeting when the vote was held, hence the proxy.  Our document would have been one of two Ira would have signed, one left with the Société which would have been notarized, this would have been his personal copy which has been also signed by the Société counsel S. Bianchini. (Every record that mentions him on-line and in various books lists him as S. Bianchini.)