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Authentic, autographed 8” x 10” publicity glossy photograph of the legendary folks trio somewhere between 1988 and 1998.  Autographed left to right by George Grove and two original founders, Bob Shane and Nick Reynolds.

The original Trio was called Dave Guard and the Calypsonians at some point in 1954.  The three were Dave Guard, Bob Shane (1934-2020)  and Nick Reynolds. (1933-2008)  The Trio were collegians from Menlo College (Shane) and Stanford (Reynolds and Guard) would play in the San Francisco Clubs, Caribbean inspired parties, luaus and even fraternity parties.  When they graduate in 1956, Shane went back to Hawaii and Reynolds and Guard added to the trio and formed the Kingston Quartet.  They met Frank Werber a local manager who liked them but did not think the quartet was refined enough, so Reynold and Guard invited Shane back to San Francisco and they played a gig as The Kingston Trio and Guard was suitably impressed and signed them to a contract.  (The name, Kingston the capital of Jamaica was in line with their Caribbean sound at the time.)  Werber sent them to a vocal coach and they made their professional debut as the Kingston Trio in July, 1957 substituting for Phyllis Diller at the last minute at an engagement at the famed Purple Onion Club in North Beach in San Francisco. A huge success, Werber booked them on a National tour and their story went from there.  The post World War II folk revival was in full swing.  With the Weavers disbanded due to politics, Pete Seeger on his own, Woodie Guthrie on his own, there was a gap for a folks group and the Kingston Trio fit right in.  While their earliest music conformed to the true folk genre, they did branch out in music that was described as blues, country blues and they also sung world music.  From 1957 –1961, they were the hottest folks group in the country and were envied by other performers.  Their longevity was helped because they were performers without a political agenda, so everyone was comfortable to go to their concerts.  Guard quit in 1961 over disagreements with Shane and Reynolds over royalties.  He was bought out and they added John Stewart to the Trio.  For the next three years they played throughout the country and in 1966, Stewart resigned to pursue a solo career. Reynolds quit in 1967 and Shane was left.  Shane then started up The New Kingston Trio and went through several musicians until 1976, when the decade younger banjoist George Grove (1947-     ) joined Shane.  Reynolds who had gone back to another love, car racing rejoined the Trio in 1988 and played with them for a decade until 1998. Thus the dates we have offered for this photograph.  The band still continues with Reynolds adopted son and two other members.  Shane retired in 2004 and spent nearly two decades battling a respiratory disease for most of his retirement passed away in January, 2020.  Grove was playing with the Kingston Trio as the longest serving member through 2017.  He now performs with the Folk Art Trio.

The multiple Academy of Recorded Arts and Sciences awarded Grammy Awards to the group five times between 1959 and 1962.  In 1998 their hit “Tom Dooley” received a Hall of Fame Award and in 2011 the Trio was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Their hits, “Tom Dooley”, “Scotch and Soda”,   “The Tijuana Jail”, “MTA”, “Scarlet Ribbons” and more are considered the finest renditions of the songs.      

Nick Reynolds ended up signing more items, however, signed photos with the two originals and Grove are not as common as one might think.  Autographed photographs with Guard that are authentic rarely come around and ones with Stewart are also quite rare.

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