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Autographed first edition score of the chamber orchestra reduction of Prelude from First Symphony, 1977.


Folio score published by Boosey & Hawkes, London, plate B. & H. 19395, Version for Chamber Orchestra copyright by the composer 1968, cover, title page, composerís note, 12 pages of music numbered 1-12, cover with advertisements for other Copland works under the Boosey & Hawkes imprint.


The First Symphony was written and completed and entitled, Symphony for Organ and Orchestra at Nadia Boulangerís suggestion in 1924.† Serge Koussevitzky met with the composer and Boulanger in Paris and encouraged him to write the work and commissioned the piece.† The World Premiere was in New York City on January 11, 1925 in a matinee with Boulanger at the organ in her American debut with the New York Symphony Orchestra and Walter Damrosch.† After the performance, Damrosch exclaimed to the audience, "If a gifted young man can write a symphony like that at age twenty-three, within five years he will be ready to commit murder..."† The Boston Symphony Orchestra debut followed the next month on February 20, 1925 with Boulanger at the organ and Serge Koussevitzky on the podium.† The end result was successful and Coplandís first major work for orchestra was performed quite extensively.


† Copland experimented with the symphony during the Summer of 1926 in a remote Basque village and wrote an arrangement of the 2nd movement Scherzo from the symphony for orchestra without the organ.† Fritz Reiner led the Philadelphia Orchestra in the premiere of that arrangement with the Philadelphia Orchestra at Carnegie Hall on November 4, 1927.† Reiner described the work to Copland as ďvery AmericanĒ and he then decided to rescore the entire symphony without organ adding additional woodwind passages, a piano and increasing the importance of the brass.† The new arrangement, which he dubbed his First Symphony received itís premiere with The Berlin Philharmonic with Ernest Ansermet on the podium, December† 1931.† Koussevitzky approved of the new arrangement and performed the work with the Boston Symphony Orchestra on February 16, 1935, the American premiere.† The work was first published by Cos Cob Press in this arrangement in 1931 and Boosey and Hawkes renewed the copyright in 1958 after they purchased the original publisher.†


Copland took two stabs at an arrangement of the prelude for chamber orchestra.† The first was originally written for organ and chamber orchestra in 1924 so Nadia Boulanger could perform the original version with a smaller ensemble.† He then revised that arrangement in 1928.† His second version is taken from the second arrangement of the symphony without organ and is often performed and recorded as Prelude for Chamber Orchestra. Copland completed it in early 1934 for a performance by the New Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Bernard Herrman on February 25th, 1934 at Town Hall in New York City. The score calls for a full set of woodwinds, flute, oboe, clarinet in B flat and bassoon, horn in F, Trumpet in C, harp or piano and a full set of strings, which he describes as ďa somewhat reduced orchestraĒ in his composerís note.† Both chamber arrangements are available and as there is very little literature on the version we offer, it is unknown whether he arranged the work of his own volition to complete his catalog, or whether it was commissioned.† It sat until Copland published that version in 1968.† The exact score we offer is contained in the Copland Archive Legacy at the Library of Congress, which comprises all of his printings of his scores.†


Autographed full partitur autographed scores by Copland are uncommon and ones without a dedication, more so.




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