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 Autographed and inscribed first edition compressed full Nr. 34 folio score of his “Lincolnshire Posy” for military band, 1940.  He has inscribed, To Adam B. Shaffer, Jr. in admiration of his superb conducting & in happy memory of my musical association with him & his magnificent band, from Percy Grainger, May, 1943.


Lincolnshire Post, staple saddle stitched with heavy stock paper wrapper.  Title page cover: GRAINGER/BRITISH FOLK-MUSIC SETTINGS/Nr. 34/LINCOLSHIRE/POSY/FOR MILITARY BAND/PRICE/NET/COMPRESSED FULL SCORE … … … … … … ...15/-/COMPLETE SET OF BAND PARTS: 1of each part-Piccolo, Flutes I& II; Oboes I & II: English Horn (ad. lib.); Bassoons I & II; Double Bassoon (ad. lib.); E flat/ Clarinet; B flat Clarinet I; B flat Clarinet II; B flat Clarinet III, ; E flat Alto/ Clarinet, B flat Bass Clarinet; B flat Soprano Saxophone; E flat Alto Saxo-/ phone; (substitute for Soprano Saxophone); E flat Alto Saxophone II; B flat/ Tenor Sxophone; E flat Baritone Saxophone; B flat Bass Saxophone (ad. lib.);/ B flat Trumpet (or Cornet) I; B flat Trumpet (or Cornet) II; B flat Trumpet (or Cornet) III; E flat Horns I & II; E flat Horns III & IV; Trombones I & II;/ Bass Trombone; B flat Baritone (treble); Euphonium (bass); Tubas; String/ Bass; Kettle Drums; Tuneful Percussion (Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Hand/ Bells, Tubular Chimes) ad lib.; Side Drum; Bass Drum & Cymbals … complete 20/-

DUPLICATE PARTS (same as the above) … … … … … each 2/-/ VERSION FOR TWO PIANOS—FOUR HANDS (dished-up by the composer) 2 copies/ 10/-/ N.B. The Two-Piano version can be played together with the Band version/in the case of bands wirth incomplete orchestration./SCHOTT & Co. Ltd./LONDON/Printed in England/G. Schirmer, Inc./3 East 43 St./New York City, N.Y. (Schirmer address hand written)


             Verso of the cover page is an errata for No. 1 Dublin Bay should read No. 1 Lisbon and No. 2 Harkstow Grange should read No. 2 Horkstow Grange.  The composer includes instructions to bandleaders dated August, 1939. (The cover on different paper would have been printed separately and therefore less expensive then a re-print likely after Grainger saw the galleys for the printing.)  The following 4 pages contain Grainger’s printed program notes also dated August, 1939.  Music commences on page 5 through 41.  Bottom right of page 41, Printed in Englaand by Augener Ltd., Acton Lane, London, W. 4.  pages 42-44 are blank as is the cover endpaper. Back cover is solid green.  Plate number for the work is S & Co. Ltd.5009.


Grainger (1882-1961) wrote the work, a compilation of 6 folk songs by commission,  December, 1936 for the American Bandmaster’s Association.  The work was commissioned for their annual Grand Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Three of the six movements were written in four days; the original work was composed of parts only without a partiture score.  He rehearsed and revised the piece prior to going to Milwaukee with a high school band in Brooklyn.  The work received it’s first performance on March 7, 1937 with a band called, The Milwaukee Symphonic Band, made up of workers from the bands of the Schlitz and Blatz breweries. 


He conceived of the work to include folksongs he had recorded on a trip to Lincolnshire from 1905-1906, except for the final piece, “Lost Lady Found” which had been collected by his friend, Lucy Broadwood.  The composer apparently reworked the piece over several years and submitted it to Schott in January of 1940. He called it, my best band composition. John Bird in his authoritative biography, Percy Grainger, (1976, 1982 & 1999) describes the work in his book as “arguably his masterpiece” and “Perhaps his most difficult work”. (Bird was the biographer both inspired to write and with the help of his wife Ella.)


Adam Benjamin Shaffer, Jr. (1914-1998) was the Bandmaster of the Central Air Command from 1948 until his retirement in 1968.  At the time Grainger met him in 1943, Shaffer was the Bandmaster of the 320th Army Air Force Unit at Stewart Amy Air Field in Newburgh, New York. After Shaffer’s retirement he taught high school music and directed bands.


This is not just a souvenir score, in fact it appears Bandmaster Shaffer used this score often.  The cover has a tape repaired tear, the spine has slight loss to the paper emulsion left bottom as seen in the scan.  The back cover has one small bit of missing emulsion as well.  There is also slight separation to the folded spine, but still together.  The condition of the rest of the score is quite fine with a small amount of foxing on the back end pages.


I have reviewed the auction market for Grainger autographed and dedicated scores and there have been very few in the past 20 years.  The autographed scores one can find on-line all are placed in archives and Grainger museums.  This score as his most important band piece and arguably his greatest work and dedicated to an important band leader at the time the work was written makes it a rather important Grainger score.