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 Autographed folio full partitur score of the Belgian composer and organist’s 1954 opus 62, “Missa Festiva ad quinque voces inaequales organo comitante” inscribed Hommage cordial to  Evelyn and Walter Hinrichs, 11-9-56, Mechelen.

FLOR PEETERS/MISSA FESTIVA/ad quinque inaequales organo comitante/OPUS 62/MUSIKVERLAG SCHWANN DÜSSELDORF/M&R Co. 2037

The score is folio format (standard 10” x 13”). Inside the cover is a dedication to Jules Vyverman. The score follows with the autographed title page, with the dedication on that page to the Hinrichs. The next page is the first sheet of music marked page 2 and the last page is 39.  Page 40 is a listing of masses from various composers available at that time from Schwann.  Inside the rear cover is a listing of liturgical works by Peeters which continues onto the back cover.  The copyright date is 1954 and the plate number is S K 2188.

Peeters (1903-1986) Latin work for 5 unequal voice chorus and organ accompaniment was one of 10 masses he wrote in his lifetime and the most popular.  “Missa Festiva” was written in 1947, but not published until 1954.  While not his largest work, those honors go to his opus 100, “Hymn Preludes for the Liturgical Year”, the largest choral work ever composed, it is for a large 5 voiced mixed chorus.  He timed the mass at 30 minutes and is in a traditional mass format, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei. The Kyrie has an almost strict medieval Gregorian structure for the lower male voices, with 20th Century modern score for the organ and higher voices which eloquently intertwine together. The Gloria is a more modern reference, typical of English 20th Century liturgical choral music.  The Credo introduces solo and small vocal configurations mixed with the large choir in a traditional vein with modern organ accompaniment. The Sanctus is the most traditional of the movements with chorus, soprano and alto solo and the choral voices breaking out by their fach.  The Benedictus starts slowly and builds to an exuberant tutti of “Hosana in excelsis”.  The final Agnus Dei returns to the Gregorian chant musical style of the Kyrie section.     Numerous recordings have been made of the work.    

Walter Hinrichsen (1907-1969) was the scion of the C. F. Peters Corporation, music publishers in Leipzig, Germany.  Jewish and an anti-fascist, he left Germany in 1935, travelled the world and came to the United States, where he served in the American army from 1942 until the end of World War II.  He married Evelyn Merrell in 1946, founding C.F. Peters Corporation in the United States. He began printing the companies old titles and his brother Max after the War combined and re-established the company in Frankfurt in West Germany.  His children built the company back from there, eventually uniting the East German branch with the Western branch after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Walter also had an ear for modern music and added among others John Cage to their stable of composers.  Today, the Peeters Mass is available in an Edition Peters version.

A rare score!

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