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We offer an opportunity to own a book from the personal library of the legendary French pianist and pedagogue Marguerite Long.  The book inscribed to her with her married name, Marguerite de Marliave by the “other” Gabriel Faure, a poet and novelist.  The illustrate novel, Le Bel Été was published in 1926 it’s “original” edition in 85 copies, 10 in “Imperial Japanese” paper, 50 in paper from “Hollande” paper and 25 in paper from Madagascar. (It is noted below the special paper listing that the first edition was printed on lafuma vellum, a quality but lesser paper.) The edition we offer is numbered 31 of the Dutch paper which were numbered 11-60. The book was illustrated in woodblock prints by the artist Joseph Jullien.  The 167 page book is bound in 3/4 Moroccan leather with a gold leaf spine label and copywritten by the “Revue de Paris”.  Faure has autographed and inscribed, To Marguerite de Marliave, with all the affection of her already so dear friend and signed.


Marguerite Marie-Charlotte Long de Marliave  (1874-1966) had an incredible 70 year performing career.  She studied with Fissot at the Conservatoire earning a premier prix in piano performance and finished with Marmontel fils privately.  Her which began with her 1893 debut at Salle Pleyel was a sensation and launched her performance career.  While she was known for her performance of the great Romantics, she also championed the works of living French composers, Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Milhaud and Poulenc to name a few in 1906, she became a Professor at the Conservatoire and succeeded Louis Diemer as the head of the department in 1920.  Long also concertized extensively with violinist Jacques Thibaud.  She taught many important pianists including, Annie d’Arco, Lucette Descaves, Jean Doyen, Jacques Février, Samson François, Nicole Henriot-Schweitzer, Marielle Labèque, Witold Małcużyński, Arthur Moreira-Lima and Gabriel Tacchino.

Long married Joseph de Marliave in 1906.  Interestingly they had met at one of her concerts in 1902 where he had requested she perform a work by the composer, Gabriel Fauré.  The composer, a friend of Marliave who was a musicologist by profession served as one of his best men at the wedding.  Marliave a member of the French aristocracy was well wired in the arts circles in Paris and knew a wide number of musicians, composers, authors, poets and artists.  Joseph was commissioned a captain in the French Army and was killed in action in August, 1914.

Gabriel Faure (no accent) the French poet, novelist and essayist (1877-1962) was the author of 67 novels and works of non-fiction and co-author on one. He was also a lawyer trained at the Sorbonne.  The books were on both French and Italian topics and Benito Mussolini whilst a newspaper editor wrote a forward for one of them.  The books were published between 1898 and 1963 and in several years, he published 2-4 books per year.  Five of his books were awarded prizes by the Académie Francaise.  His book, Le Bel Été was his 29th publication.  A member of the Beaux-Arts as of 1901, he was named Director and then Inspector General for the Undersecretary of State for Arts and Antiques which made him extremely influential in the arts world in France.  He was awarded an honorary membership in 1913 into the Societe Nationale de Beaux Artes and in 1959 he was named to the French Revolutionary History Commission. 


While there are many examples of the first printing, the 85 “original” editions published on special papers are quite scarce.  An opportunity to own not only one of these few specially printed examples, but a book from the legendary pianist’s personal library!